Keep Cool with ERMU’s AC Tune-Up Rebate

An air conditioner needs frequent maintenance to assure a long life and optimum performance. With ERMU’s AC Tune-Up Program, electric customers can receive up to a $75 bill credit toward the cost of a tune-up by an HVAC professional.

Benefits of an air conditioner tune-up

  • More efficient. A tune-up can increase your unit’s efficiency by up to 15 percent.
  • Lasts longer. If your AC unit is working harder than it should be, this can cause excessive wear and tear. Performing any necessary maintenance will help ensure that your system lasts longer. 
  •  Money savings. Using an air conditioner that is not operating properly will result in higher energy bills. Having to purchase a new unit prematurely because of poor maintenance is also costly. 

How to apply for a rebate

  1. Schedule a tune-up appointment with a licensed and insured HVAC professional. You are responsible for all costs associated with the tune-up.
  2. The HVAC technician should complete the AC Tune-Up Checklist while performing the service.
  3. Submit the completed checklist and a copy of the invoice or itemized receipt to ERMU by mail, in person, or electronically on our website.

The rebate will be processed in the form of a credit to your electric utility bill. Applicant must be an ERMU electric service customer to qualify. Customers are eligible to receive the AC tune-up rebate once every three years. 

Download the AC Tune-Up Checklist as well as additional information and contact us with questions. 

AC unit receiving a tune up