ERMU Field Services Building Expansion Project

With communication as one of our core values, ERMU would like to provide details on the construction project occurring at our field services site near the Lake Orono Dam.

What is happening and why now?

  • Since 2015, ERMU’s customer base has grown by 22.4% through territory acquisitions and organic growth. Supporting more customers while meeting the standard of service that they expect means enhancing operations.

  • This project allows ERMU to replace one of its field services buildings, constructed in 1985, to accommodate much needed growth for our field operations center.

  • The new facility will offer secure indoor storage for ERMU vehicles and materials, improving their longevity and reducing replacement costs.

  • In early 2021, ERMU took advantage of what experts called a 50-year low in bonding interest rates to complete the project in a financially responsible manner

Update: 9.13.2022 - Crews began moving inventory into the facility and landscapers began work on the north portion of the site.

Update: 8.9.2022 - Most of the drywall has been installed on the second floor (office area).

Update: 6.3.2022 - Windows and exterior stone veneer were installed.

Update: 4.11.2022 - Duct work and concrete installation continued in the vehicle storage bay.

Update: 2.27.2022 - Concrete crews finished one half of the vehicle storage bay slab.

Update: 1.7.2022 - Roofing materials were delivered to the site in preparation for installation. 

Update: 10.18.2021 - Ironworkers began setting steel joists and decking for the roof above the vehicle storage bay. 

Update: 9.17.2021 - Crews began installing precast concrete panel walls. 

Update: 8.27.2021 - The footings and foundation were poured in preparation for the installation of precast concrete panel walls. 

Update: 6.21.2021 - Earthwork began at the site. Crews will be moving and removing dirt to establish the appropriate grade to begin construction. 

Update: 4.24.2021 - The Elk River Fire Department burned the two residences on the corner of Main and Main as a training exercise.

For any questions or concerns please contact Engineering Manager Chris Kerzman at or 763.635.1344. Click here to see more architectural renderings of the project.

ERMU Field Services Building Rendering-PNG.jpg