A Commitment to Education

As our customers are also the owners of Elk River Municipal Utilities, it’s our job to keep you informed and educated about the services we provide. ERMU is pleased to provide a wide variety of resources to do just that. Sign up for our newsletters, read Featured News, explore conservation information, and more.


ERMU offers two informative newsletters, The Current and The Connector.

Featured News

Read Featured News stories and stay up to date with the most recent information from ERMU. 

Energy Education

The more you know about energy and energy conservation, the easier it is to implement ways to save in your everyday life.

Water Education

The average family of four in the United States uses 400 gallons of water every day, the equivalent of ten baths.

Beware of Utility Scams

Utility scammers work year-round, over the phone, email, and even in person. ERMU offers numerous tips and reminders to protect yourself.