Learn to Spot and Avoid Utility Billing Scams

Utility scammers work year-round, although the Better Business Bureau reports that most scam-related activity occurs in peak winter and summer months when homeowners rely on heat or air conditioning. Scammers may act via telephone or email or even in person. Knowing the official processes and procedures that ERMU follows when working with customers will give you confidence that your account is being appropriately managed and that your information is secure.

Protect yourself with these tips and reminders:

  • ERMU does not do immediate disconnections. Before disconnecting any service, we will mail letters, send automated phone calls, and discuss payment arrangements. We do not disconnect during evening hours or on weekends.
  • An ERMU representative will never ask you to verbally provide banking information. All payments over the phone occur on an automated line, using your keypad.
  • ERMU does not accept gift cards or prepaid debit cards for bill payment. Instructions to pay by prepaid debit or wire transfer are a red flag.
  • Do not rely on Caller ID, even if it shows the name of your utility company. Scammers can “spoof” line identification to make it appear as though the call is originating from ERMU.
  • Delete all suspicious emails that demand immediate verification of personal information. Do not click on any included links.
  • Set up a SmartHub account for the ability to confirm the status of your account 24/7.
  • Any contact that is proven to be a scam should be reported to the police.

Remember, if you receive a phone call and you’re unsure whether you are talking to an actual ERMU representative, hang up and call 763.441.2020.

Please contact us with questions or for additional information. 

Person using their phone to pay a bill