Power Your Business with Renewable Energy

Clean Energy Choice for Business offers a convenient and affordable way to power your business with electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. Renewable energy is generated from facilities powered by sources such as wind, solar, bioenergy, and water.

With only a small increase in your monthly electrical bill, you can:

  • Be a leader in environmental responsibility
  • Become a more sustainable part of your community
  • Meet your sustainability goals without investing in equipment


The program adds an incremental charge above your existing electric rate. Examples are listed below.

kWh per Month Approximate Electric Charge Clean Energy Choice Adder
1,000 $100 $1.60
10,000 $1,000 $16.00
100,000 $10,000 $160.00

Call ERMU at 763.441.2020 to enroll on an annual participation basis. We can help you determine how this program will impact your monthly electric bill. Please contact us with any questions or for additional information.


Wind turbine and solar panel field