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ERMU offers two informative newsletters, The Current and The Connector.

The Current

Stay up to date on your public utility with The Current newsletter from ERMU.

The Current is published quarterly and mailed to all households, apartments, and businesses with their utility bill. Customers who choose paperless billing receive a link to an electronic version of the newsletter with the email that notifies of an available bill.

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The Connector

The Connector is an electronic newsletter tailored to either residential or commercial customers.


The Connector is filled with useful information for residential customers, including ways to lower your energy use and save money. In addition to timely, relevant articles, this monthly electronic newsletter offers energy-saving tips, fun facts, and general information about living more sustainably in our community.

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At ERMU, we put a lot of effort into helping our business customers make the most of their money and resources. The commercial edition of The Connector was developed for business owners who want the best service and an even better return on investment. You’ll find important research information and industry trends as well as information about ERMU products and services.

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