Safeguarding Your Drinking Water

The Wellhead Protection Plan helps protect your drinking water from pollution by managing potential sources of contamination. As part of this plan, ERMU implements best practices to keep our community’s drinking water safe. This includes investigating potential contamination sources and educating customers on the role they play.

ERMU customers, along with more than one million Minnesotans, get their drinking water from the Mount Simon-Hinckley Aquifer. The shared responsibility of ensuring safe, quality drinking water for yourself and others includes sealing your unused wells. Unused and unsealed wells act as an entry point for contaminated water, surface water run-off, or improperly disposed of waste. They are a direct pathway into drinking water sources, bypassing the soil’s natural treatment and filtering process.

Well Sealing Cost-Share Program

If you have an unused well, you may qualify for assistance in sealing it. We have partnered with the Sherburne Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) to provide a Well Sealing Cost-Share Program. Depending on whether it is a regular or high priority well within the Wellhead Protection Area, up to 50 percent of eligible costs may be covered (not to exceed $1,000). Those interested in the cost-share program must have the well sealing preapproved by ERMU and SWCD. We will not be able to assist with completed projects or those that have already been started.

For more information or to apply for cost-share assistance, please visit SWCD or call 763.220.3434.

Additional Resources

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