Be an Energy Superhero with Clean Energy Choice!

The Clean Energy Choice program offers residential ERMU customers a low-cost way to support renewable energy and the environment.

The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) supplies electricity to twelve Minnesota municipal utilities, including ERMU. Twenty percent of MMPA’s electricity supply comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar, bioenergy, and hydropower.

Customers who sign up for the Clean Energy Choice program can elect to have 50 percent, 75 percent, or 100 percent of their electricity from environmentally friendly, renewable sources. Benefits include:

  • Inexpensive addition to your bill – only $1 to $3 per month
  • Predictable cost – a fixed monthly cost not dependent on energy usage
  • Easy sign-up and easy cancellation – cancel your monthly subscription anytime

Sign up and start supporting renewable energy today.

Contact us with questions or for additional information about the residential Clean Energy Choice program.

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