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At ERMU, communication is one of our core values. We take our commitment to providing customers with clear and timely information very seriously, especially in critical alert situations.

In the case of a large power outage or water supply emergency, updates will be made to this page as information becomes available. If you are currently experiencing a loss of power or water emergency, please contact us at 763.441.2020 during regular business hours, or after hours at 1.888.606.4660.


October 12, 2022 - Understanding Your Bill and Power Cost Adjustments

Approximately 70 percent of ERMU’s expenses in a typical year come from acquiring the energy our customers rely on to power their homes and businesses. With supply chain challenges, transmission constraints, and inflation reaching a 30-year high, over the past year wholesale power costs have increased 60 to 75 percent and have resulted in additional Power Cost Adjustments (PCA) costs for our customers.

These adjustments are calculated at thousandths of a cent per kWh and are a direct passthrough to customers, meaning they can either increase a bill’s total to meet rising costs or decrease it in the form of a credit when costs are below expectations. ERMU’s careful budgeting process has helped us establish a beneficial track record for our customers who, until recently, have not seen a PCA charge since 2014 and received credits in 2018. To learn more about PCA or how to understand your bill, please view a recent edition of The Current newsletter on ERMU’s Rates or the Understanding Your Bill section of our website.

For any additional questions please contact us and staff will be happy to assist you.


ERMU Bill_Sample






Sample utility bill. Locate the PCA below Electric Usage on the back of your bill.