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Energy Efficiency in the Laundry Room

September 1, 2021

In every room of your home, you can make room for savings. Feel like a magician, conjuring up energy efficiency in your laundry room. Then YOU take advantage of the payoff. Find out how!

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ERMU FAQ: Summer Energy Usage

July 6, 2021

During the warm summer months, customers often contact our office with questions about their electric bill. With an ongoing mission to educate those we serve, we would like to provide answers to our most frequently asked energy questions. 🌡 What causes my electric usage to go up in the summer? The biggest reason for higher […]

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ERMU Celebrates 106th Anniversary in June

June 1, 2021

On June 1, 1915, F.D. Waterman incorporated the Elk River Power & Light Company, the first step in providing electricity to the Village of Elk River, and founding the organization that became ERMU. The company’s 200-hoursepower turbine, which was situated next to the Lake Orono Dam, had the power to illuminate around 97,500 incandescent lamps. […]

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Cordless Electric Lawnmowers Make the Cut

May 17, 2021

Cordless electric walk-behind lawnmowers certainly give more flexibility than their corded cousins, but how do they compare with gasoline-fueled lawnmowers? According to Consumer Reports, cordless electric mowers offer cleaner and quieter running, as well as easy maintenance. Is a cordless electric model right for your lawn? Let’s take a look. How cordless electric mowers work Conventional […]

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Lineworker Appreciation Day

April 19, 2021

Sunday, April 18, is National Lineworker Appreciation Day. This is a day to recognize the efforts of the men and women who keep the nation running by maintaining an electric grid that crisscrosses the country, above ground and below, until it connects to each and every one of our homes to reliably provide a service […]

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