Category: Renewable Energy

ERMU FAQ: Summer Energy Usage

July 28, 2020

What causes my electric usage to go up in the summer? The biggest reason for higher electric bills in the summer is usually your air conditioner. Running your AC can cost about $0.50 per hour. And since we spend hundreds of hours in our homes every month, it’s easy to see that comfort comes at […]

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Summer Energy Saving Checklist

June 4, 2020

Your energy needs and usage change with every season, but most customers will see the greatest increases during the coldest and hottest months. The Summer Energy Saving Checklist is here to help you save energy and money. It also offers details on Your Guide to Home Energy Use and The Connector newsletter, two great conservation tools from ERMU.

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Green Energy in Good Company with ERMU Customers

June 2, 2020

Clean Energy Choice for Business gives you a convenient and affordable way to power your business with electricity from 100% renewable sources. Being an environmental leader in the community has never been easier.

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