Save Water and Money

Watering lawns and landscapes accounts for more than half the water used at home during the hot summer months. Is your irrigation system ready for an efficient watering season? You could check the system yourself for any clogged, broken, or missing sprinkler heads or you could hire an irrigation professional who is WaterSense certified. ERMU customers can qualify for a $50 rebate with a professional tune-up.

How to apply for a rebate

  1. Hire a professional irrigation contractor to perform an irrigation tune-up and complete the tune-up checklist.
  2. Complete the Irrigation Tune-Up Rebate Application.
  3. Submit the completed rebate application, contractor checklist, and a copy of the invoice or itemized receipt to ERMU by mail, in person, or electronically on our website.

The rebate will be processed in the form of a credit on your water utility bill. Applicant must be an ERMU water service customer to qualify. Customers are eligible to receive the irrigation tune-up rebate once every three years.

Contact us for additional information or with questions.

Water saving irrigation system