Space Heaters: Advanced Features to Look For

November 2, 2022
A space heater

In the hunt for a new space heater? These features can provide the kind of extra comfort and convenience you can warm up to.

Remote Control – Turn the unit on or off or adjust settings from the comfort of your couch.

Time – Program the heater to operate for a specific time period, usually between 1 and 8 hours.

Adjustable Thermostat – Select between multiple temperature settings or set a specific temperature.

Oscillation – Adjust the direction of the heat to wherever you want it to go.

Overheat Protection – The unit automatically turns off if the internal components get too hot. Other safety features include tip-over protection and cool-touch surface.

Make sure your new unit is independently certified for safe operation by a recognized testing laboratory such as Intertek or Underwriters Laboratories.