5 Ways to Save While Spring Cleaning

April 6, 2022

The time for spring cleaning is upon us, but what you might not think about is all of the ways that you can save energy as you clean.

Here are tips to help you save this spring and throughout the year:

  1. Switch to LEDs. Dusting off lightbulbs? It they aren’t energy efficient, swap them out for ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs.
  2. Fix leaky ducts. Leaky ducts often result in rapid dust accumulation around your vents, and they reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Have your system inspected and cleaned by a qualified professional; it will help increase cleanliness and efficiency.
  3. Check for leaks around windows and doors. When cleaning around windows and doors, keep your eye out for gaps, cracks or other leaks that allow outdoor air in. Seal them with caulk or weatherstripping and make your house more comfortable.
  4. Clean behind refrigerator and other appliances. When vacuuming or dusting, remember to clean behind the refrigerator. Dust buildup can cause the refrigerator to run less efficiently.
  5. Run full loads. As you do extra loads of dishes and laundry, make sure to run full loads. Also, upgrading to ENERGY STAR-certified clothes washers and dishwashers can save you energy and water.

So, while you’re cleaning your house this spring, go ahead and tidy up your energy bills too.