Prevent Freezing Water Pipes

October 27, 2020

With the extreme temperatures, it’s important to make sure that a harsh winter doesn’t get worse with frozen water pipes! Here are a few steps to follow that will help keep things flowing and prevent freezing water pipes.

Check the temperature of your water daily. If the temperature is 40 degrees or lower, start running a pencil-width stream of water continuously from a faucet in your home (preferably the basement utility sink). The cost of running water is much less than paying a plumber to thaw your line.

If you start seeing rusty or dirty looking water, check the temperature immediately. This could be a sign that your water line is close to freezing.

Be careful when turning your heat down during the day. If it’s too low, water pipes located on outside walls or in uninsulated areas could freeze. Best practice is to keep thermostat temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees.

If you are leaving on vacation, ask a friend or neighbor to check your house each day to make sure the furnace is working. For extended vacations consider shutting the water off and draining the pipes.

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