Commission Approves 0% Rate Increase for 2021

The ERMU Commission approved a zero percent rate increase for both electric and water service in 2021. Holding electric rates for a second year in a row, along with the historic five percent rate reduction in 2019, means ERMU will continue its reduced electric rate for customers. 

“Staff did a great job keeping expenses down,” said General Manager Theresa Slominski. “Electric expenses grew by less than one percent, and the water department actually decreased spending.” The electric rate also benefited from the competitive pricing of ERMU’s wholesale power provider, Minnesota Municipal Power Agency. 

Throughout the 2021 budgeting process, the Commission stated the importance of doing everything it could to provide stability to customers during a time when many face unstable circumstances. “ERMU’s mission and vision centers around providing exceptional service to our customers,” Slominski said. “We cannot do that without considering the responsibility we have to them in these difficult times.”